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15 May 2024

Published: 05 Apr 2024
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Short films

All those who wish to participate in the II International Short Film and Art Festival FICAR ENTRIMO 2024 will be able to participate, regardless of their age and/or nationality, whether they are professionals or amateurs.
The short films submitted must be related to the purpose of the contest, and may be silent or with incorporated sound. The language used in the short films may be Galician, Spanish or, failing that, any other language subtitled in Galician or Spanish. Exclusively fiction films, not documentaries.
Each author or entity may submit a maximum of 2 short films, accompanied by the corresponding title and, optionally, a short text that explains said audiovisual project (will be valued).

In no case will short films that do not respect human rights, democratic values and equality, or that contain offensive or disrespectful content towards individuals or groups will be accepted for competition.

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Short film festival

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Photo of FICAR ENTRIMO2024
Photo of FICAR ENTRIMO2024
Photo of FICAR ENTRIMO2024
Photo of FICAR ENTRIMO2024

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