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20 Jul 2024

Published: 10 Apr 2024
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The huge investment in film production is one of the biggest difficulties faced by every director who dreams of making a film. Fortunately, as the performance of mobile phones is getting better and better, it has become possible for many directors, especially new ones, to shoot a film with mobile phones. Yes, a film, not a video.

The goal of our festival is to discover talented people who don't have the resources to make a film that requires a big budget.

A filmmaker's imagination should not be thwarted by the lack of high budget and expensive film equipment. An ambitious director can still make a wonderful film even with a mobile phone.

With a discerning eye, we will select outstanding films among our contestants. Guys with potential will stand out.

Dear directors, we look forward to seeing your professional, innovative and impressive mobile films.

Go for it, amigo!

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Photo of AmigoMobileFilmFest
Photo of AmigoMobileFilmFest
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