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Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

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18 Jun 2024

Published: 19 Apr 2024
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The Simulizi (Storytelling) Festival is not just a mere event; it's a semi year-round, multidisciplinary storytelling initiative that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional festivals. This dynamic platform harnesses the expressive mediums of film to initiate positive transformations and ignite conversations among the vibrant youth.

Committed to investing in the authenticity of youth narratives, the Simulizi Festival becomes a fertile ground for fostering vibrant discussion on most pressing issues.

Within this secure and nurturing space, the festival beckons young individuals to step forward and share their personal stories, addressing critical social issues that often go unspoken. By catalyzing open dialogue, Simulizi Festival becomes a melting pot of ideas, inviting attendees to explore and address various aspects of society within a supportive and artistically charged atmosphere.

In a world where discussions about youth matters are frequently overlooked or met with discomfort, the Simulizi Festival stands tall as a beacon of change. It doesn't just host an event; it cultivates a movement that challenges the status quo, emphasizing the importance of youth perspectives.

The second edition of this transformative journey takes place in the heart of art in East Africa, Dar Es Salaam, from the 26th of July to the 14th of December, 2024. It proudly stands as the first African-based youth film festival, utilizing the powerful medium of film to reach out to youth, both in and out of schools and colleges. The festival unfolds through a series of weekly film screenings, accompanied by thought-provoking debates and interactive Q&A sessions with protagonists, social activists, and government officials. This year, the festival expect to reach out more than 8,000 people across Tanzania mainland.

This festival is more than just a celebration; it is a testament to the power of storytelling and art in breaking down barriers, promoting understanding, and encouraging proactive engagement with pivotal societal issues. As the Simulizi Festival continues to evolve, its impact on youth empowerment and holistic well-being resonates outward, creating a brighter, well-informed future for all who engage with its vibrant tapestry of stories and perspectives.

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Photo of Simulizi Festival
Photo of Simulizi Festival
Photo of Simulizi Festival
Photo of Simulizi Festival

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