Revelation Festival de Artes Cinematográficas e Audiovisuais Cristãs

Sumaré, Brazil

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05 Aug 2024

Published: 02 Jun 2024
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The Christian cinematic and audiovisual arts festival, called Revelation, is scheduled to take place in October, celebrating creativity and the expression of faith through audiovisual. This unique event stands out for its hybrid format, allowing participants from different regions to engage both online and in person. The Oasis Church of God will be the focal point of the in-person screenings, offering a welcoming and worshipful space for Christian film enthusiasts.

Revelation is dedicated exclusively to the exhibition of cinematographic and audiovisual exhibitions. The selected films span a variety of genres and styles, all aligned with the values ​​and message of the Christian faith.

The festival's hybrid format reflects a commitment to making the event accessible to a wider audience, including those who are unable to physically attend God's Oasis Church. Through the online platform, participants will be able to watch the exhibitions from anywhere, ensuring that the Christian message and art reaches a global audience. Revelation promises to be a transformative experience for both filmmakers and viewers, uniting everyone in a shared celebration of art and faith.

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