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04 Jul 2024

Published: 08 Jun 2024
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for FOX, NBC, CBS and Authority Magazine.

"My favorite festival" Alex Proyas (I Robot, The Crow, Dark City)

"Other nominees included already famous people! It really was an honor to be nominated alongside such great nominees" Lisa Hurel.

“I truly cannot say enough good things about the Paris Art and Movie Awards. My experience with this event was easily the best and rewarding” - Ev Duran.

"One of the most organized and professionally run festivals I've been to! The official selections were of a high standard and the networking was incredible" - Jami Ramberan.

"One of the best festival experiences I've had. Magnifique!" Warren Paul Glover.

"The Fisherman's Diary" won twice at the PAMA in 2020, and is now selected to the 2021 , to represent its country.
"Game Changer" won an, his director Aviv Mano then worked on Disney’s COCO and TOY STORY 4 (2018).
"The Wishgranter" won an, an EMMY AWARD, and a (2016).
"Legacy of Lies" is distributed by Lionsgate (2020).
"Sgt Stubby", an unlikely hero, got a distribution deal at (2018).
"Curpigeon" got selected to, won the AMAZON VIDEO DIRECT Film Festival Stars (2016).
"Whisper" screened at FILMQUEST (2015).
"None of That" was STAFF PICK by (2015).
through the years included:
- John Lunn, 2 times Prime Time Emmy Award Winner, composer of "Downton Abbey"
- Monica Cruz, "Un Paso Adelante"
- Olivia Sandusky, journalist, NBC
- Mark Dacascos, actor, "John Wick III"
- Samuel Arnold, actor, "Emily in Paris"
- Patrick Fabian, actor, Emmy Award Nominee “Better Caul Saul"
- Claire Kopsky, Emmy Award-winning Journalist, CBS
- Jamie Campbell, producer, "Sex Education"
- Cindy Mollo, Eddie Award Winner, 4 time Emmy nominee, editor for "Ozark"
- Rena Owen, actress, "Star Wars Ep II" & "ep. III"
- Fola Evans-Akingbola, actress, "The Night Agent", "Siren", "Game of Thrones'
- Michelle Tesoro, SXSW winner, Eddie Award Winner, editor, "The Queen’s Gambit"
- Paz de la Huerta, actress, Boardwalk Empire
- Brent Huff, director & actor "The Rookie", 'The Rookie Feds", 'The West Wing"
- Max Markson -rep. A. Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson, JCVD...
- Cole Sibus, actor "Stumptown', Olympic Gold Medal Athlete
- Mina Sundwall, actress, Netflix’s “Lost in Space”, DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow”

Our line up included through the years: Kirsten Dunst, Sam Rockwell, Vladimir Cosma, Kristanna Loken, Mark Dacascos, Caterina Murino, Andrew J. West, Hugo Becker, Jansen Panettiere, Leslie Bibb, Melanie et Alain Doutey, Macarena Gomez, French Prime Minister Edith Cresson, French Minister Frederic Lefebvre, Emma Bell...

We celebrate filmmakers and we focus on the humans making the movies : each director/attendee gets to talk about his movie.
You meet new audience, screen and show your latest work, connect with fellow professionals, share your passion with screenings and special events all over the city, including red carpets, movie premieres, parties, filmmaker’s networking, numerous Q&A's, international spotlights, industry talks and masterclasses, art performances and exhibitions, live music…

- Awards
- Photocall
- Artistic Recognition
- Networking
- award ceremony

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Photo of Paris Art and Movie Awards
Photo of Paris Art and Movie Awards
Photo of Paris Art and Movie Awards
Photo of Paris Art and Movie Awards

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