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Published: 25 Mar 2020

Dear Friends,

We hope that you and your families and friends are well in these uncertain times. At Festhome we are no stranger to the serious crisis that the world is going through. However, we want you to know that we remain at your disposal, although we have taken the necessary precautions and have fully embraced remote working for all of our team: #stayhome. Due to these special circumstances, we want to offer our services and coding skills that may be useful in the coming weeks and months, either to create new tools or help you use existing tools such as Indiehome TV, online festivals, private video libraries, private film links, etc.

In addition, we have launched an online festival with a very simple philosophy adapted to this moment: that filmmakers who are confined to their homes may create and share pieces filmed during these atypical days with everyone. We call it Stop Virus Film Festival and it will be available for free at Indiehome TV . There are no entry or submission fees , it is totally free for spectators and filmmakers, and we will collect donations from viewers of the festival that will go entirely to research on the coronavirus .

Tips and suggestions for Festival Organizers

Many festivals have seen their festival dates affected and all must follow the recommendations and obligations of their governments. But, given the position of Festhome as a platform, we have been able to view some trends and want to share them, and add a few suggestions, to minimize the damage caused by COVID-19, both to filmmakers and festivals:

  • We are seeing that in most cases, the call for entries dates are not changing and the vast majority of festivals are choosing to keep them intact or extend them in a variable way as events unfold.

  • As for the dates of the festival, and although some cancellations are taking place, we see that most are opting for postponments and in a few cases, some festivals are also offering a part of their programming online (pay per view).

  • In cases of cancellation, we see that these festivals (and we recommend) that current submissions are kept for the next edition. We also request that you contact the filmmakers, as some of them may have seen their schedules altered and may request to be allowed to withdraw their films.

  • In cases of postponement, we also recommend that for the moment and due to the impossibility of planning at any level, an estimated date for the festival is announced. Due to the competition for the availability of spaces that will occur after this crisis, we recommend staying in touch and frequently informing the managers of the spaces about the possible dates as events unfold.

  • If you have advertising contracted with us, we are open and you can ask us about possible changes in dates and spaces as a result of these changes you may have to make.

In any case, we believe that communication with the filmmakers is very important. At Festhome we have many tools to help you communicate quickly and efficiently, both with messaging systems and using the specific page of your festival to keep giving information about your festival′s intentions to filmmakers.

We reiterate that we are at your disposal to help you, and we hope that this crisis will be over soon.

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