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10 Aug 2020

Published: 04 Jun 2020
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ATTENTION: Based on recent global events, many of our vendors and partners CAN NOT Guarantee that their business or service will be available to us based in circumstances beyond their control. State and Federal mandates may prohibit them from offering their services.
In response to these developments the TMTMIFS events will offer an Online Event from August 28 - September 1, 2020 and our Live Event in Las Vegas from September 2 to September 6, 2020. Should Federal or State leaders close locations and vendors at that time, the ENTIRE TMTMIFS Program will be held Online. Thank you!

AMTMIFS Film Festival is an International film fest and writing competition now in its 2nd year. The show features screenings and awards for up to 10 projects. TMTMIFS will run concurrently with the AOF MEGAFEST, the largest film event of its kind in the world. Held in Las Vegas at the Premiere Theaters and Locations, the show regularly exceeds 20,000 guests and attendees.

Anabelle Munro's The Most Important Films and Scripts Festival and Celebration is an independent festival that resides beneath the umbrella of MegaFest which is in its 16th year. TMIFS recognizes and honors films and scripts that make an impact on a people, on a society and on the world. TMIFS Fest celebrates the amazing talent that creates them. Film is a unifier and transcends all cultures and language. Munro's Festival is Open to ALL filmmakers and Writers in all genres and lengths. All submissions must make a creative and poignant statement, initiate an important dialogue and make a difference in those who view it or read it. If you have a social impact film we want to see it.

What Makes A Film Important?
Film is a gateway to other worlds, new realizations a deeper understanding of who, what, where, why and what we are.

Social Causes, Drama, Documentary, Experimental Films, Music Videos and the Written Word all compete daily for a space in our minds. This Celebration of film has only two purposes:
A) Give audiences a chance to see work of the highest calibre in beautiful luxury theaters and
B) Bring Recognition to some of the greatest filmmakers in the world.

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Feature film festival

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Photo of Anabelle Munro’s-the Most Important Films II
Photo of Anabelle Munro’s-the Most Important Films II
Photo of Anabelle Munro’s-the Most Important Films II
Photo of Anabelle Munro’s-the Most Important Films II

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