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15 Jan 2022

Published: 30 Oct 2021
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The Standalone Film Festival & Awards is in the 2nd Season. In the 1st season, Mr. Kumaar Aadarsh visioned to bring independent filmmakers together from all across the world, and his vision became true. 1st time, in a 7 days festival 143 independent films from all over the world were shown at the iconic TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood from August 06 to 12. On August 12, 2021, in spite of COVID restrictions, facilitated 43 categories of Awards. Kumaar is an Indian movie-maker, distributor, exhibitor, and actor based in Mumbai. Being an independent filmmaker he understands the problems of standalone makers. Producing films and making money from those are totally different compartments. On August 12, 2021, during the Award show, he promised to assist all filmmakers who participated or who will participate in the future in releasing, exhibiting, and distributing by providing them a separate dashboard for their movie exploitation all over the world. We are working continuously to empower independent filmmakers. We created the marketplace for them to MONETIZE their films. We are now more powerful with the creation of our digital-theatrical marketing tools. Standing alone has limited power but when all standalone unite, they Rise-Together. All filmmakers who would be part of RSFA able to operate independently of our marketplace software.

Therefore, In this season, Standalone will be with a transparent dashboard for each selected film.
We created history by organizing the physical festival and Award show during Pandemic in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

This is a unique kind of film festival for independent filmmakers/content creators where there are no barriers to borders, languages, genres, etc. Based in California, USA, this festival is having an online Award Nomination Festival, live screenings, and Standalone Award Show in Los Angeles.

SFFA is consolidating filmmakers around the world for a wonderful presentation of cinematography and the unveiling of new talents. A committee comprising members from the film industry preview submitted films and select good works of motion pictures for the Award Nomination Festival.

The selected films participate in The Online Awards nomination Festival which is held between Jan-April. In the 2021 year, due to the pandemic situation, it was between February 1, and March 31, at our virtual theatre, available online across the World.

Films screen through this secure server screener where visitors and guests from around the world can witness and vote for the film. On the basis of viewers' choice and votes, films are nominated for 42 categories of Awards which screen live from the last week of May at Hollywood and to honor filmmakers, actors, technicians at The Standalone Awards Show in Los Angeles on the 7th day of live screenings.

In 2021, The theatre venue was the iconic TCL Chinese Theatre, this year it is again in the heart of Hollywood. We will screen all award-nominated films here as well as we are looking forward to creating year-round screening, filmmaking, and writing opportunities and to that end we are launching new festivals as part of the Standalone Film Festival & Awards.

SFFA Submissions are for feature narratives, Short films, Shows, Series, documentaries, and animation as even experimental films and music videos.

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Photo of Standalone Film Festival & Awards
Photo of Standalone Film Festival & Awards
Photo of Standalone Film Festival & Awards
Photo of Standalone Film Festival & Awards

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