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24 Jul 2024

Published: 30 Nov 2023
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"Where Imagination Runs WOW"

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Veterans and Military Performing Arts Awards
Orlando Urban Film Festival Africa
Orlando Urban Film Festival Latino
Orlando Urban International Film Festival

Labor Day Weekend - August 29th through August 31th, 2024
CMX Cinemas On The Plaza Downtown Orlando, Florida
Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center

"Submit your Project and see it in the movies on the "BIG SCREEN"! Network, Meet and Greet Invited Experts, Creators, Recording artists, Publishers and more."

The 11th Annual Orlando Urban Film Festival (OUFF) is dedicated to a mission that embraces filmmakers at all stages of their journey. From Student Films to Proffessionals.

We also extend our support to veteran filmmakers who've been on the journey for years to showcase their talents, those who are just embarking on their creative path, and well-known creators who are navigating their artistic odyssey.

OUFF also places a special emphasis on providing opportunities for women and people of color in the film and music industry, recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusivity in storytelling. However, we nominate and award filmmakers of all backgrounds.

At OUFF our primary commitment is to select and celebrate the best talent, irrespective of race, gender, religion. or experience, fostering an environment of excellence, creativity, collaboration and exploration. For us "Urban" is a Global Community of filmmakers that help to support and advance one another.

We CARE ABOUT filmmakers, filmscorers and music production. You are us and we are you. We have all been on the otherside of the film festival process, and that's why we take pride in offering you the best festival experience possible. For starters, just submitting your project will get you a 3 day pass to all the screening. Whethere you are selected or not. Oh, and don't let the URBAN fool you, we are energized by the diversity and inclusion of all global Content Creators and Visionaries no matter who you are. For us URBAN means community, and we help one another.

For our 10th Anniverssary we Presented the first ever Military and Veteran Performing Arts Awards. This was a HUGE success. This year we will open it to many more categories. To be Selected or nominated for those categories, the Director, Writer, Lead Actor/Actress or Singer must be a US Veteran or Currentley serviing. We may ask for proof.

If Selected your Project will be screened on the "BIG SCREEN" at CMX, one of the major theaters in Orlando, Florida.

By submitting your project to OUFF you agree to abide by ALL of the rules and regulations of the festival.


Film Screenings will be hosted at the CMX Plaza 12 Cinemas Downtown Orlando.

Hotel Sponsors for OUFF 2024 are located in Downtown Orlando, Florida.

For Travel tips to Orlando Florida visit our website http://www.orlandouff.com

The OUFF Hotel offers 2024 OUFF guests the convenience of making reservations via the internet. Please follow the links specific on our website which will enable you easy access to reservations: Visit the OUFF website for details at www.orlandouff.com

Thank you,
Marianne Eggleston, President/Founder
Orlando Urban Music & Film Festival
Email: orlandourbanfilmfestival@gmail.com

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Photo of Orlando Urban Film Festival (OUFF)
Photo of Orlando Urban Film Festival (OUFF)
Photo of Orlando Urban Film Festival (OUFF)
Photo of Orlando Urban Film Festival (OUFF)

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