Uluslararası Gordion Arkeofilm Festivali

Polatlı, Turkey

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09 Aug 2024

Published: 27 Apr 2024
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Today, We stand before you to invite you to be a part of a story that comes from the depths of history. The Gordion Archaeology and Cultural Heritage-themed Gordion Archeofilm Festival is not just a film festival; it is a journey of discovery. This festival offers the opportunity to turn the dusty pages of the past and bring to the screen the most precious stories of human history.
Gordion is known not only as the place where Alexander the Great untied the legendary knot but also as a city with a rich cultural and archaeological heritage. Our festival aims to share this heritage with a global audience. Your works are vital in telling the story of Gordion and keeping its magic alive.

A story can transcend time and space. Your films will take viewers on a journey through the ancient streets of Gordion and offer them a vivid experience of history. This festival is an opportunity to highlight not only the artistic value of your works but also their educational and inspirational aspects.

The Gordion Archeofilm Festival plays a significant role in the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage. Your participation will contribute to passing this heritage to future generations and help maintain cultural dialogue. Your films will bring the story of Gordion to the world stage and support the preservation of this unique legacy.

The festival not only offers the chance to showcase your works on an international platform but also the opportunity to network with other filmmakers and archaeologists. Additionally, the workshops, panel discussions, organized during the festival will allow you to engage in in-depth dialogues about your works.

By participating in the Gordion Archeofilm Festival, you will not only be part of a film festival but also take an important step in the promotion and preservation of cultural heritage. We invite you to share the unique story of Gordion with the world and be a part of this enchanting journey.

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Photo of Uluslararası Gordion Arkeofilm Festivali
Photo of Uluslararası Gordion Arkeofilm Festivali
Photo of Uluslararası Gordion Arkeofilm Festivali
Photo of Uluslararası Gordion Arkeofilm Festivali

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