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Castrovillari, Italy

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15 Aug 2023

Published: 21 Mar 2023
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i-Fest International Film Festival is an international cultural event dedicated to Cinema and New Technologies now in its fourth edition, to date it is indicated among the most important and representative events of the Italian panorama and an essential innovative creative, educational and experiential appointment for the territory in which it takes place, Calabria.
i-Fest, a registered brand, is an original innovative cultural project, incredibly rich in artistic proposals and relevant cultural and experiential activities, multidisciplinary and transversal in the involvement of a vast territory and specific target audiences.
The uniqueness of i-Fest was born in the planning phase, it is in fact the Festival of the "5 i":
International/Innovation/Instruction/Information/Inspiration constitute the 5 fundamental principles, they tell the concept of the event and define its objectives: to spread the European and international cinematographic culture in the multiple forms of expression and in the different genres and styles through an analytical path and a experimental; tell the multiplicity of the cinematographic universe with a specific focus on international cinema; present an innovative, dynamic, stimulating and always attentive event of the most modern digital languages; spread the professions of cinema through a rich didactic and educational activity; involve new talents from the national, European and international film scene; transmitting positive values to young people, proposing activities in healthy, stimulating, creative environments and making the new generations aware of important environmental and social issues through specific dedicated activities; propose a literacy path for the younger generations through multiple dedicated activities; ensure cultural pluralism through a differentiated cinematographic and audiovisual offer; support and increase the involvement and development of different target audiences; present the most modern audiovisual technologies through a proposal of innovative experiences (VR, digital exhibitions, multimedia experiences); develop feelings of pride and a sense of belonging through broad and transversal involvement, describing the territory in its positive aspects, enhancing its qualities and transmitting quality, beauty and hospitality to the numerous national and international guests.

i-Fest is a constantly evolving and growing hub which, with a great sense of responsibility towards its audience, great love for its territory and constant and passionate work, offers from 2020 an event which, also in relation to the reference territory and thanks to its rapid growth, it has reached truly important dimensions. The 2022 edition presented 4 international competitions, 5 out-of-competition reviews (over 90 screenings), 14 national and international guests and a rich educational activity (10 masterclasses/educational meetings/workshops).

In recent editions the guests who took part in i-Fest: the double Oscar winner Paul Haggis, the great Polish director Lech Majewski, the Spanish director Inés Paris (winner of several Goya awards), the American Heather Parisi (Italian exclusive) and Ezio Greggio, the great Italian actor Giancarlo Giannini (Italian exclusive) who received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on March 6, the French director Éric Gravel Golden Lion at Venice 78 and Cesar Award 2023, the Romanian actress Madalina Ghenea, the myth of Italian cinema Sandra Milo, the directors Enrico Vanzina, Giorgio Verdelli, Alessandro Rossellini, the extraordinary Milena Vukotic, the oriental artists Tsai Ming liang, Kiki Sugino and Momi Yamashita and many others.

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