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Philadelphia, United States

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30 Apr 2024

Published: 10 Feb 2024
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American INSIGHT’s international nonpartisan 2024 Free Speech Film Festival encourages independent filmmakers to exercise their right of Free Speech and the power of their films to address issues that are important to them and to their communities.

Championing different perspectives (and understanding other points of view) is vital to the future of Democracy. During the past decade, we have received FREE SPEECH FILMS from hundreds of filmmakers in over 70 countries.

American INSIGHT's annual Free Speech Film Festival is unique in that it showcases and distributes FREE SPEECH FILMS, and also provides networking opportunities, a marketing platform, and educational workshops which give our top 6 Official Selection Award-winning filmmakers exposure, connections and visibility.


Students enrolled in American INSIGHT's online course “Make History Every Day!” will write about your film for years to come, as they discuss how the core values of Free Speech, Human Rights and the Rule of Law emerge in societies around the world through the lens of independent filmmakers.

Help to educate audiences now, by sharing the wisdom of your experience!

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Photo of Free Speech Film Festival
Photo of Free Speech Film Festival
Photo of Free Speech Film Festival
Photo of Free Speech Film Festival

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