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17 Oct 2024

Published: 06 Apr 2024
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Short films

Bi-monthly Cinema Screenings
Arthouse Cinema
More info on us:
Cinema Location: 159A Tottenham Ln, London N8 9BT

➢ We proudly curate a compelling showcase of short films at London's renowned Arthouse Cinema, offering bi-monthly screenings. This provides filmmakers with a unique chance to showcase their work to a wider audience on a popular commercial screen, ensuring their creations receive the high-quality presentation they deserve.

➢ Since 2019, we've been champions for filmmakers, bridging the gap between emerging talents and established voices in the industry. Through meticulously curated live and online events, including screenings, networking sessions, premieres, and insightful Q&As, we've created a platform that elevates the best of the best. Our mission is to showcase the diverse voices and remarkable achievements of filmmakers, regardless of resources or runtime.

➢ In Partnership with Arthouse Cinema:
Located in Crouch End, this cinema is at the heart of a community of film enthusiasts. Our events, set in an area frequented by renowned actors, provide a local favourite.

➢ What To Expect
Frequent Screenings: Enjoy bi-monthly opportunities for film selection.
Engaged Audience: Prioritizing cinema enjoyment, fostering film appreciation over critique.
Global Representation: We embrace films from diverse backgrounds; please provide subtitles for non-English submissions.
Networking: Connect with fellow filmmakers and industry professionals during the event, or engage with the general audience for valuable feedback.
On-site Q&A: Participate in a post-screening Q&A session if you're available on the night.
Introductory Clip: Submit a 45-second clip to introduce your film if you're unable to attend in person.

➢ Join Our Community
Ongoing Consideration: Films not selected are automatically considered for the next screening opportunity.
Social Media Recognition: Selected or not, exceptional films receive shoutouts on our social media platforms, enhancing their reach.
Networking Opportunities: While we cannot guarantee selection for every film, those not chosen may still be introduced to our partner companies or cinemas for potential future opportunities.

➢ Explore the Cinebooth experience - where short films find a home, and filmmakers become part of a dynamic, supportive community. Submit your film today, and let's continue changing the narrative on short films together!

➢ Organizers

Founder & Director
Harry Woodford

Film Programming Manager
Marcial Frankel

Events Manager
Vlad Paul-Ghilas

Cinema Venue Manager
David Mansell

International Festival

Short film festival

 Fiction  Animation  Fantastic  Terror  Other  Experimental

Photo of Cinebooth - London Short Film Screenings
Photo of Cinebooth - London Short Film Screenings
Photo of Cinebooth - London Short Film Screenings
Photo of Cinebooth - London Short Film Screenings

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