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Norwich Film Festival

Norwich, Reino Unido

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18 Jul 2018

Publicado: 09 Feb 2018
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The Norwich Film Festival was recently chosen by The Metro as one of "the top UK film festivals you need to know about", and in 2017 became a BIFA (British Independent Film Awards) qualifying short film festival.

We have been running since 2009 and over the years we have hosted over 75 events and screened over 500 films to the public.

The Norwich Film Festival has an amazing array of celebrity patrons including Stephen Fry, Tim McInnerny, Olivia Colman, Julian Jarrold, Brian Cox & John Collee. We also work hard to recruit industry judges (see below) who are all eager to watch our nominated films.

Our 2018 film judges will only view the NOMINATED Films selected and the Norwich Film Festival will then allocate which film categories that judges will watch.

The 2018 film judges are (subject to work commitments):

- Alfred Molina (World Famous Actor)
- Denise Parkinson (Director of Entertainment at the Telegraph)
- Gavin Humphries (BAFTA nominated and Cannes winning shorts producer)
- Andrea Gibb (BAFTA Nominated Screenwriter)
- Matt Wilkinson (Award Nominated Producer)
- Emma Freud (Script Editor & Associate Producer)
- Eddy Joseph (Two time BAFTA winning Sound Editor)
- Mark Everson (Award winning Editor)
- Ferne Pearlstein (Award winning Director, Cinematography & Producer)
- Andrew Deane (Emmy Winning Producer and Managing Partner at Industry Entertainment)
- Steven Hall (DOP and BAFTA Judge)

As well as screening the selected films to the public, the winning films will also receive an award, a certificate, a cash prize, and a selection of other industry related prizes.
Our social media gained well over 2 million impressions on Twitter alone last year, and we will promote your film to a global audience.

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Photo of Norwich Film Festival
Photo of Norwich Film Festival
Photo of Norwich Film Festival
Photo of Norwich Film Festival

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