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15 Mar 2019

Published: 01 Apr 2018
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Global India International Film Festival

Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam!! Yes the whole world is a one family; From the Spiritual soil of India. From the bottom of the heart, we believe that the whole humanity is a one family and an every individual human being is a beautiful character or a player with a supreme god particle, who perform his or her great role on this global prosperous World Stage.

We really wish to share international thinking which is developed in the form of films with the society and the young generation of humanity. Every human being has a unique story to tell, but few from them are capable to express their own to the world. But the Filmmakers are the great storytellers and world wants to watch their stories through films or digital media. Because they channelize & nurture these stories through films and our motto is to spread these stories from all across the world to the masses and especially to the youngsters. Filmmakers from all across the globe are respectfully welcome to share and submit your beautiful films into the GIIFF.

We understand that you understand the realm of understanding and so you have created your wonderful films with your conscious understanding.

Connecting World with India through Audio-Visual.

Films are really a strong medium to share, yes to share, but what creates a filmmaker is a sense of what to share. Through vantage point we see that entertainment is just the medium to share realm of life with film lovers. If we penetrate the meaning of life sometime we feel that there is no such meaning or purpose to life, yes! Sometime, but we must have to give a great meaning or purpose to life to create it more beautiful for the whole world as a one family. for whole humanity or for our next generation.

We are really very small people; please understand what we want to say. But the task or mission which we want to empower is very big. One can understand it by the example of river. The beginning or origin of every river is so small but her consistency with selflessness leads her towards more hugeness.

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Photo of Global India International Film Festival
Photo of Global India International Film Festival
Photo of Global India International Film Festival
Photo of Global India International Film Festival

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