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31 May 2024

Published: 04 Apr 2024
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Our Live screening Event last June 30th & July 1st was amazing!! Check some of our pics above!!

The city of Roswell is well known for its history around the ufology and the paranormal. The independent and artistic filmmakers scene has taken place in the Roswell Convention Center.

Roswell Daily Record Film Festival has rapidly turned into a favorite between independent filmmakers related to the documentary, horror, mystery and sci-fi world.

We are committed to screen the complete official selection of films at our live event, where filmmakers and guests will participate of the Q&A’s and panels, enhancing the opportunity for networking with directors, cast, crew and people from the industry. An amazing opportunity to submerge yourself in other visual artists' works!

All the films related to ufology, the paranormal and cryptozoology are welcome to be part of our selection!

The Roswell Daily Record is well known for being the newspaper who told the news of an alleged Ufo crash outside the city in 1947. That cover is one of the most recognized in the world. That gave the newspaper the chance to be part of hundreds of films, tv shows and documentaries. Every year we work with networks such as Netflix, History, Discovery+, just to mention a few.


Some of our recent winners include directors and producers as River Rees, Ryan Rees and Wyatt Hausman from the youtube channel “Twin Paranormal”, Ben Hansen from the Discovery+ show “UFO Witness”, Bryce Zabel from the web series “Need To Know”,Martin Delon with the uruguayan film “Recuerdos del Mal”, Carlos Kbal with the argentinian film “La Luz Mala”, Nick Pope with the show “After Contact”, David Blyth with the New Zealand film “Night Freaks”, Ron James with his documentary “ Accidental Truth”. In 2023 we had as special guest the horror master Eduardo Sanchez, director from “The Blair Witch Project”.

Furthermore, the festival will select a number of films as semifinalists. All semifinalist projects will be invited to our Virtual Screening Event, where they will be awarded semifinalist laurels.

All the winners will also get a trophy in every competition and everyone on the official selection will get their certificate too.

All the Winners will receive the Official Laurels and the winning-category achievement certificate after the Live Event.

At the Live Event the Audience will vote for their favorite film and the winner will be granted a cash prize award of USD 1000.

Every winner will have the chance to pitch their project with our help. Like we said. we are connected to a lot of producers and directors in the industry and we would be happy to introduce you to them.

You can submit your film in any of the Main Competitions and automatically your film will be considered for all Technical & Performances Categories with no extra cost. You don't need to pay any additional category fee.

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Photo of Roswell Daily Record Film Festival
Photo of Roswell Daily Record Film Festival
Photo of Roswell Daily Record Film Festival
Photo of Roswell Daily Record Film Festival

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