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15 Oct 2024

Published: 08 May 2024
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Short films

Discover the "Roma Film Corto", the film festival that celebrates innovation and creativity in the world of short films. Located in the historic and vibrant Italian capital, our festival stands out as a launching pad for emerging and established talent, offering them a prestigious showcase in front of an international audience and industry professionals.

What we offer:

International Visibility: With the presence of renowned jurors and guests of international caliber, your films will have the opportunity to shine on a prestigious stage.
High Level Networking: The festival is a crossroads of meetings with producers, distributors and other cinema creators, offering countless opportunities for networking and collaboration.
Awards and Recognitions: Diversified award categories enhance every aspect of film production, from best director to best editing, ensuring that every talent is recognized.
Participating in Roma Film Corto also means exploring Rome, a city that lives and breathes cinema, rich in history, culture and artistic inspiration.

We invite directors and producers to take advantage of this unique opportunity to showcase their work, receive constructive feedback from industry experts, and grow their film careers. Sign up now to be part of a cinematic history that continues to rewrite the rules of the art of short film!

International Festival

Short film festival

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Photo of Roma Film Corto
Photo of Roma Film Corto
Photo of Roma Film Corto
Photo of Roma Film Corto

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