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Barcelona, Spain

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04 Jun 2023

Published: 28 Mar 2023
 Does NOT have submission fees
Short films

The RELLISQUÍN FESTIVAL is an audiovisual exhibition that wants to reflect on the relationship between the city and its neighbors. We look for projects that talk about life in cities: protest movements, struggles to preserve historical memory, urban transformations and changes, social demands and the experiences of neighbors with their environment.

We are looking for projects that understand the audiovisual as a tool of struggle, denunciation and testimony of realities in danger of disappearing. We want to vindicate the critical, committed and cooperative spirit, making known aspects that concern society and that are not sufficiently covered in commercial medias, cinemas and the usual distribution channels. We want to show national or international works about historical, social, political and activist consciousness, personal relationships and human rights in a city.

International Festival

Short film festival

 Fiction  Documentary  Animation  Experimental

Photo of Festival Rellisquín
Photo of Festival Rellisquín
Photo of Festival Rellisquín
Photo of Festival Rellisquín

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