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20 Mar 2024

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The “1st National Short Film Festival of Itaiópolis - SC” – ITAICINE – is held through the Catarinense Cinema Award Special Edition Lei Paulo Gustavo 2023. It will take place from May 23 to 26, 2024 - it is an event dedicated to the promotion and celebration of diversity cinema, providing a space for filmmakers to explore and share their creative visions and narratives in short films. This festival will cover the genres of fiction, animation and documentary, which highlight different aspects of cinema, offering an enriching experience for the public and supporting the growth of national film production, as well as inspiring the public to dream, believe in the extraordinary and embrace the diversity of stories that can be told through cinema. A space where imagination can flourish and where the boundaries of reality are challenged. List the fundamental role of short films in the training of new filmmakers, allowing them to experiment, innovate and tell impactful stories in a concise and effective way, enriching Brazilian audiovisual culture and contributing to a diverse cinematographic scene.

Produced and directed by Nitram Produções Cinematográficas, Culturais e Editora Ltda, the 1st National Short Film Festival of Itaiópolis - ITAICINE - represents the celebration of the magic of cinema and the capacity that the seventh art has to transport us to worlds of adventure and fantasy, where our wildest dreams can come true on the big screen.

The democratization of Brazilian audiovisual production is the main focus of the 1st Itaiópolis National Short Film Festival - ITAICINE. The Festival aims to contribute to the appreciation of authorial audiovisual products and features competitive exhibitions in its program established in three distinct categories: SHORT FICTION, SHORT DOCUMENTARY and SHORT ANIMATION.

The festival theme is anchored in productions that talk about “Adventures and Fantasies” and within the main theme we will bring three subgroups:

• Adventure, Travel and Nature: It is designed to celebrate and recognize films that explore the elements of adventure, fantasy, travel and nature, providing enriching cinematic experiences. This selection highlights the importance of preserving nature and exploring our ability to dream and imagine worlds beyond reality, while valuing the artistic quality and emotional impact of films. It promotes awareness of the relationship between humans and the environment, encouraging appreciation and respect for nature.

• Surreal Fantasy and Science Fiction: Here, films explore realms of dreams and alternative realities. Included will be tales that defy the laws of physics and feature magical characters, mythological beings and enchanted places, science fiction elements that explore futuristic concepts, time travel and parallel realities expanding the imagination and offering audiences the opportunity to escape into extraordinary worlds. Narratives that challenge the limits of reality, captivating viewers with exciting journeys, magical creatures and stunning landscapes.

• Children's Adventures: This category is dedicated to films suitable for all ages, which provide children and families with an unforgettable journey into magical worlds full of valuable lessons.

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